2017 - Alessandro Brizi

Alessandro Brizi was born in 1974 and graduated in Economics. He is the editor-in-chief of L’Assaggiatore, the official magazine of the National Organisation of Wine Tasters (ONAV). Also at ONAV, he manages the online guide Prosit, and edits their educational publications. He was previously editor of BIBENDA magazine and the DUEMILAVINI guide edited by BIBENDA Publishing for the Italian Sommelier Association. Until 2011 he was assistant director of Ho.Re.Ca.

2016 - Gigi Brozzoni

Gigi Bozzoni, borned and resident in Bergamo, after several professional experiences in theatre and interior design, met Luigi Veronelli in 1986. His passion for wines took him to participate to many wine and food meetings, until 1988, when he arrived to the Seminario Permanente Luigi Veronelli. Since the next year, he has run it for 25 years, until his retirement at the end of 2013.

2015 - Stefania Vinciguerra

Managing editor of the web magazine Doctor Wine by Daniele Cernilli from June 2012, Stefania Vinciguerra has been a professional journalist for over twenty years, specialising from the start in food and wine, her passion since her university years.
She has always been divided between a more purely journalistic career (becoming at a very young age the Managing editor of the monthly Pane & Vino and, on her debut, the Managing editor of Euposìa) and a career in public relations, also outside the wine and food sector.

2014 - Monika Kellermann

For over 12 years, the Munich born author and journalist Monika Kellermann, popular author of over 80 books and articles on food and wine, has lived six months a year in Bardolino on Lake Garda. Every year since 2008, when she released her first book, “Gardasee – Eine kulinarische Rundreise”, a gastronomic tour of the Lake, she has published many books and articles on Lake Garda and the neighbouring wine regions. Besides her thirty-year journalism career, in 1998 she opened, together with a business partner, the wine bar “PuntoDiVino” in the heart of Munich.

2013 - Mario Busso

Born in Canale (Cuneo) in 1948 and still living there, he spent some years teaching philosophy. And it was precisely philosophy that opened up an unexpected new path - that of wine, because wine suggests a deep rethinking of the relationship between life and thoughts, between vices and virtues, logic and passion, moderation and unrestraint…

2012 - Christian Eder

Christian Eder lives in Austria, near Salzburg. After studying Languages and Communication at Salzburg University, he worked as publisher of a regional weekly magazine (1989-1996) and editor in chief (1993-2002) of two magazines for Salzburg and the Tyrol. Since 1999 he is editor/author of the magazine VINUM and author of several publications on travel, economics, sport, wine and gastronomy.

2011 - Giampaolo Gravina

Giampaolo Gravina earned his degree in Philosophy at Rome University. He has a PhD in Art Theory research; for 10 years he has taught at the Sapienza University in Rome as part of professor Edoardo Ferrario's department of Phenomenological Aesthetics. During the same period, Gravina also devoloped his passion for gastronomy and wine. In the mid 1990s he opened a restaurant, Uno e Bino, in the San Lorenzo sector of Rome. He also produced a radio programme about wine and culture on RadioRaiTre, called Pure Spirits. He has become one of Italy's foremost wine experts.

2010 - Monica Larner

Italian Editor with Wine Enthusiast Magazine (www.winemag.com) based in New York, Monica Larner is responsible for scoring and reviewing alla wines from Italy,. She lives in Rome and has worked for the magazine since 2003. When not in her adopted home, Monica can be found at her family's vineyard and winery in Santa Barbara County, California.

2009 - Carlo Macchi

A food and wine journalist who worked and works with the major italian magazines and guides orf the sector, participates also at nationally broadcasted food and wine shows. He's one of the few Italians to go for the prestigious title of Master of Wine. After having created one of the major Italian wine guides, he is now director of www.winesurf.it, a bilingual wine and food online magazine(Italian-English).